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Founded on the principles of having fun and throwing stuff, we founded Lawn Stars with the intention of providing value to our customers and all of our friends that enjoy throwing Lawn Stars as much as we do. All of our materials are made in the USA, and our log targets are made from Idaho pine trees.




Scott has been welding since highschool, and has been throwing ninja stars at the wall since middle school. After completing the welding program at ISU, he began a career as a welder with a national contractor. When the time came, he moved home, went back to working on the family farm, and started raising a family. Eventually, the entreprenurial spirit overcame him, and he purchased a CNC plasma cutting table and founded Snake River Steel, LLC. Can you guess what the first thing he cut on his table was? That's right, a throwing star. What started as an idea for a business card, turned into a full blown yard game.


Travis & Branch.png

Travis is Scott's brother-in-law, and business partner. His background is in the oilfield, but he has always had an entreprenurial spirit, and was honored when Scott asked him to come onboard. 


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