Log Target

Log Target


Either you drove over your target, or you threw so many stars at it that there is a hole in the middle. Whether you drive blind folded or throw like Chuck Norris, we have the wood for you. Add this to your cart and we'll send you a fresh slice of Idaho pine so you can get back to Chuckin'.


    The wood we use is cut from Idaho pine trees, lovingly spray painted, and shipped to your door for your throwing pleasure. Sizes vary from 16" to 18" in diameter and 2" thick. We glue a piece of plywood to the back to reinforce the target and prevent cracking


    We think you are going to thoroughly enjoy Lawn Stars. In the case that you are dissatisfied, please send us an email so we can fix the problem, or send you a return label and a full refund.


    Check out our shipping and returns page to get shipping info and to see a list of places we don't ship to.

Product Reviews

Torrie Kamps

My husband loved it. Thank you all for making his day.

Cole Hurd

Lawn stars is a very fun game to play with your family and friends. It takes some practice but it’s a great buy

Chase C

The whole family LOVES this game...very addicting and FUN!

Paul H

Great outdoor game!